GGS hails! Much news to impart. Items of greater import involve not one, but TWO members of team GGPoker cashing big this week.

First IrEgption shipped GGS event #19 for a cool $2K, since celebrated and mythologized with a congratulatory post. There’s 129 events total across GGS. Herakles completed only 12 labours and lived forever. How many will it take for you?

Scrimitizu hit the felt with something to prove and won his biggest ever Twitch cash, delightedly concluding his stream with $4K in hand. An original team GG member since the dark days, all the way through to our first $3 million GGS series, which is a journey fruitful as it was frustrating.

Scrim has been one of our biggest supporters from day 1, and we couldn’t be happier to see someone so deserving make a big score.


Why Scrim? More like why not Scrim? Scrim is a born-entertainer. Whether it’s kooky streams brimming with character, zany homemade graphics or pure poker skills you want, head over to Twitch to check Scrimitzu out for yourself.

Relive the moment, tissues ready


Huge congratulations to this legend, on-felt and off. Can’t wait to see what’s next for the stream.

OK, that’s enough minstrelling. Besides, this image tightpocketz shooped adequately captures the beautiful adrenal excitement of a poker win.

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