Good Game Series 2 had the big guns out in force last night for the Day 8 action!

Among them was the mercurial Mike McDonald (aka Timex), who came out of retirement to compete, and stream, the Day 8 action –

The youngest ever EPT champion fell just shy of the final table of GGS #082. However, he was in incredible form, especially considering he’s been in poker retirement for the past 3 years. Catch Timex’s next stream on Day 15 of GGS2 (May 26) to hear him opine about the state of the crypto markets, life post-lamborghini, and how to run a successful business.


We also had Russell Thomas, a formidable live pro with the screenname of KittysHusband (because, well, he’s Kitty Kuo’s husband) –

They call him Run Good Russell for a reason – not only does Russell run good in his

personal life (his screenname is KittysHusband for good reason), he runs well at the

poker table, managing to cash in for a cool $47k in GGS #083.


Lastly, we had Steffen Sontheimer, German Super Higher Roller, and part of the No Limit GG –

German GTO wizard, SHR crusher, and streamer extraordinaire Steffen Sontheimer, tried

his hand at a few GGS2 SHR events. He truly mixed it up, even limping on the button

despite his 10bb stack. Let’s ignore the fact that he ran into a flopped full house.