Welcome the newest member of Team GGPoker

We’ve been working hard on something huge recently, and we’re finally ready to make our biggest announcement ever…. Cue drum roll…

Bryn Kenney, one of the greatest poker pros ever, is now the face of GGPoker, and we’re hosting a Welcome Bryn! Freeroll to celebrate with $2,500 in prizes.

If you live under a rock and haven’t heard of Bryn, we’ll try to explain just how good he is. He has too many accolades to list in full but for starters, he:

  • is a WSOP bracelet winner
  • sits in 11th on the all-time money list
  • stacks up over $21 million in live tournament cashes
  • was ranked #1 on the poker rankings for much of 2017

Competition at the highest level hasn’t slowed his ascent, so… who’s next?

Bryn plays poker with the cunning of an assassin, crafting high-level plays exclusive to the players he’s currently at the felt beside, using their own expertise and fears against them. With over 200 events cashed under his belt already, he’s still getting better every day; and is working with us to make the GGPoker poker experience the best available!

’Welcome Bryn!’ Freeroll celebration with $2,500 in prizes

To celebrate, we’ve organised a tasty $2,500 Welcome Bryn! Freeroll on Sunday, March 25th at 16:00 UTC+0.

Everyone is welcome! There’s $1,000 in cash$1,000 in ticket prizes and a whopping extra $500 bonus bounty for taking out Bryn in the event.

The brave player who KOs Bryn from his own welcome tournament must submit the Hand Moment showing the KO to our Facebook or Twitter page using the #HandMoments hashtag; we’ll then contact you within 72 hours to finalize your customized $500 tournament ticket package.

Position Ticket Prize
1st 1 x $63 Bounty Hunter, 2 x $31.50 Bounty Hunter, 3 x $10.50 Bounty Hunter
2nd-5th 2 x $31.50 Bounty Hunter, 3 x $10.50 Bounty Hunter
6th-10th 1 x $31.50 Bounty Hunter, 2 x $10.50 Bounty Hunter
11th-20th 1 x $10.50 Bounty Hunter, 1 x T$ Builder $2
21st-40th 1 x $2.10 Bounty Hunter, 1 x T$ Builder $2


For more about Bryn check out his Team GGPoker page here.

Keep an eye on Bryn’s social channels and follow what this high-rolling poker master is doing day-to-day, you can find him on any of the channels below:



Best of luck at the tables,

Mike at GGPoker