Make room for Shroom in your schedule

Another person joins the ranks of the GGPoker Twitch legion – Introducing ShroomTheRiver. George is 26 and has lived in London for many years, plying his poker trade for the best part of a decade. His goals for the coming year are to improve his stream as viewership grows and develop the mental side of his game, whether that means working on his mean mug in a bathroom mirror or taking meticulous player notes at the tables.

As well as his long-term interest in poker, George also plays and occasionally streams League of Legends on Twitch as Teemo the swift scout.

You can expect lots of fun on this stream as George is a natural chatter blessed with the Gift of the Gab and a certified Archbishop of Banterbury. If you like some easy chat with your poker action, this might be the stream for you. You’ll be able to watch Shroom multiple times a week streaming GGPoker playing $10-$50NLz.

Use the sign-up code Shroom during registry and receive rewards before you’ve opened a table.