Introducing Vanessa Kade

Another amazing poker player joins the ranks of the ever-growing GGPoker Twitch legion. Long-time cash game killer Vanessa is from that snowy Northern land of politeness and maple trees that we call Canada. As well as her successful poker streaming career, Vanessa has spent time in other industries close to our own, as a producer for both BioWare (Yes, THE BioWare), Lucas Arts and Disney.

If her Twitch page is anything to go by, there’ll be good times on the regs. Bright striking primary colours, a pink pop tart nyan-cat tearing across a black background with a jetstream of rainbow glitter in his wake, Harry Potter references and more!

Vanessa will be hosting a weekly $100 freeroll on GGPoker with lots of cool rewards. This includes a bounty offer where if you knock Vanessa from the game, your player name is included in next week’s tournament title. Channel your inner Boba Fett. Channel your inner Porg – whatever it takes!

If you’re new to GGPoker you can sign up through Vanessa’s affiliate link to get rewards before you’ve even started playing.

The third man

It would be remiss not to mention the third party in this deal; Cero the stream cat. Cero longs for the crunchy hot (or cold, you raw poptart eating sickos) snap of a pop tart but unfortunately he’s diabetic. You can see Cero lounging in the background and hounding Vanessa for roast chicken treats during the week on stream. Me like human food now, thanks.

You can catch Vanessa streaming GGPoker on Twitch. Be sure to check out her Twitch/Twitter and Instagram pages. Between February 22nd through 25th Vanessa will be playing in our Mini-Mega event series with a bounty on her head! Saddle up and collect your perp – knock Vanessa out in any of these micro-stakes games and get a free $2.10 Bounty Hunter ticket.