Hi all.

The gauntlet has been thrown down.

We’ve got another rumble for you; a true battle for the ages.

On Saturday May 4, we have an incredibly special event – the Team GGP vs Discord Rumble. Three representatives from Team GGPoker will take on three community members in a tournament that’s open to everyone to join in.


The Details

Date: Saturday, May 4

Time: 18:45 UTC+0

Guarantee: $300

Bounty: T$50 bounty for each of the six representatives

Format: No Limit Hold’em

Entry: $10

Rebuy/Addon: Re-Entry (1 max): $10


The Contenders

Team GGPoker, consisting of Twitch icons ShroomTheRiverKarlencho from the snowy Czech republic and Scrimitzu from the vampyric homeland of Romania.

The Discord team is made up of TwosneverloseUPAY4DINNER, alone representing the Emerald Isle and Atardisnafu, our Canadian Comrade.

Knock out any member of either team, let us know via [email protected] and win the special executioner’s prize package – T$50 per head.

The action will take place across GGPoker and Twitch, with select participants live-tweeting the drama as it unfolds.


Your Fighters

Representing Team GGPoker



Country of origin: Czech (yoself) Republic

Special attack: Freestyle, Mindreading, Illuminati contacts

Fortress: https://www.twitch.tv/karlencho



Country of Origin: UK

Special attacks: Capable of withstanding highly-sweetened flavours, 007 disarming, charming and harming, Aggressive Dancing

Fortess: Castle Shroomskull https://www.twitch.tv/shroomtheriver



Country of Origin: Romania

Special attacks: Vampyric evasion, Mist form, micro-crushing super strength

Fortress: twitch.tv/Scrimitzu


Representing Team Discord


Country of Origin: Ireland – Discordvania

Special attacks: Native wit, Twitch uppercut

Fortress: twitch.tv/UPAY4DINNER



Country of Origin: England – Discordvania

Special attacks: Twos, Chip Shuriken

Fortress: twitch.tv/TwosNeverLose


Country of Origin: Canada – Discordvania

Special attacks: Moose punch, Omaha mastery

Fortress: Discordvania/Tardis


Will David fell Goliath as was foretold, or does the behemoth have an ace up his sleeve this time around? Will Team Discord live up to their name and cause anarchy in the ranks? Tune in on Twitch and find out!


The beacons are lit,

Mike at GGPoker