The $100M Dan Bilzerian vs Alec Gores Heads-Up Match

When will it happen? How to watch it. And more…

Earlier today, news broke about what could potentially be the highest-stakes game in poker history: a $100 million heads-up match between the King of Instagram, Dan Bilzerian, and billionaire Alec Gores. 

How did we get here?

In Bilzerian’s new autobiography, The Setup, he details winning approximately $40,000,000 from Gores in private high-stakes cash games that saw celebrities, business people and poker professionals compete for massive pots behind closed doors.

According to various sources, Gores heard about the contents of Bilzerian’s autobiography via a podcast, was not happy about how the earlier games were portrayed, and challenged Bilzerian to a $100,000,000 heads-up poker game to determine once-and-for-all who is the better player. The news was revealed today on the Impaulsive podcast. 

When will the $100M Bilzerian vs Gores match happen?

No details have been agreed upon as yet; hopefully the specifics such as date, time and location will be revealed as soon as both parties are happy.

Will the match be televised?

Based on news out there so far, the intention is to televise or stream the match. Again, the details will most likely be revealed once both players are happy with specifics.

Who is Dan Bilzerian?

Dan Bilzerian, also known as the King of Instagram, is a legend both in and out of the poker world, and what’s more, he’s a member of the GGTeam! For years, people have speculated as to how he came up through the poker ranks and where he won his bankroll; these questions are likely to be finally answered definitively in his upcoming autobiography.

Who is Alec Gores?

Alec Gores is an American businessman, who according to Wikipedia, worked his way up from a first job earning 25 cents per hour to making it into the Forbes 400 list of richest Americans, with an estimated net worth of $2.8 billion. Gores is a keen poker player, and is said to be a regular in several of the most exclusive private games attended by celebrities and other high-net worth individuals. 

For more information on this mouth-watering $100M challenge, check back here in the near future, where we’ll post further details as soon as we get them!