Presenting June’s Featured Feature:

Grinding to the end of long tournaments is heaven for some, the essence of the game, and drudgery for others. We’ve all been there at the final table of a gruelling tourney session, anxiously checking how long since bedtime after every hand. Look no further; deal making is an convenient way to divvy up the remaining pool at a static final table.

Deals can only be made once seat selection is complete, and not before the final table. A prompt will appear showing all remaining entrants the percentage amount and figure of the prize pool owed with relation to their current chipstack. Once players agree to a deal, the prize pool is credited instantly. At which point, players can opt to close the app or continue to the game’s end for Tournament Leaderboard purposes.

Recently our popular Daily Main Event tournaments have ended with lucrative deals for each participant. Curious to see this feature in action? Catch the most exciting GGPoker games and all the hottest plays at our daily Featured Tables.