Poker is a zero-sum game. There will always be winners and losers.

A majority of consistent winners will eventually turn into poker pros. This natural emergence of professional poker players has been going on ever since poker existed.

GGPoker doesn’t want to change this.

What we do want to change is how the pros affect the overall poker ecosystem. We need to ensure that a healthy ecosystem is maintained. It’s a simple business: if we don’t, there will be no games for anyone to play.

Winners will keep on playing, but losing players will eventually quit. Games slowly die and you lose the balance of your ecosystem.

As a poker operator, we deal with pros daily. Not all pros have an equal effect on poker ecology. Here’s how we view the pro ecology:


The Good Pro


GGPoker views a good pro as someone who contributes to the poker market’s growth. Successful poker players will naturally get the spotlight of the media and attain wealth. We hope these players eventually work towards getting more people into the market, just like Michael Jordan did for basketball.

A good pro could be a streamer, vlogger, caster, or even a Twitter account with numerous followers. They could be someone showing up on mainstream media or a popular podcast. They could be an influential speaker at various conferences. They could also be someone opening up a poker academy for newcomers to learn poker.

The important thing is that good pros utilize whatever strength they have to help grow the poker market that brought them their fame and wealth.

GGPoker will collaborate with good pros as much as possible to grow the poker market together. We will support them financially, help them get more famous, offer stability, and eventually might make them a great ambassador of the game.


The Regular Pro


A regular pro mainly focuses on their gameplay and win rate. They continuously study their own game, improve, and crush the field.

From our standpoint, there is nothing wrong with this as long as they follow our terms and conditions.

We are happy to see poker players grow and refine their game, and know that as long as there are losers in poker, there will be winners.


The Bad Pro


A bad pro focuses on manufacturing unfair advantages over their opponents and exploiting other perceived weaknesses.

During gameplay, they might use real-time solvers, use advanced charts, data mine, bumhunt, collude, ghost, and so on. Bad pros bully and harass opponents, eventually driving away honest opponents, and see the games dry up.


Our Vision


GGPoker is focused on making poker fun and accessible for as many players as possible. We’re driven to make playing on our software a great experience.

That’s why we roll out features like Snapcam – express yourself and have a good time at the tables, win or lose. This will keep players coming back for another game in the future.

We understand the activities of bad pros are not illegal by law. However, as a poker operator entitled to protect the game and ecology, we define these activities as cheating and strictly punish them within our rights.

GGPoker needs to manage these kinds of pros and we do everything we can to make sure everyone plays in a fair environment – this helps ensure there are great games to play each time a player logs back into GGPoker, today, tomorrow and into the future.